Starting small or going big, we have something for everybody. All our packages are centered around quality, regardless of price, and we use the latest technology and clean coding practices for modern, secure websites that are easy and cost effective to maintain.


WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the planet, powering over 27 million websites worldwide, including big brands such as Disney, BBC, Sony Music and so on.

This popularity is due to the platform being open-source and free to use, meaning less up-front costs for you, secure, regularly updated and with outstanding flexibility thanks to over 100 000 plugins available to cover nearly every requirement you might have, from rich multimedia sites to full-fledged e-commerce solutions.

PHP is a server-side programming language (meaning all code is kept and compiled on the server and not on your computer) that powers eight out of ten websites out there.

Being specifically designed for web development, it allows for a fast and reliable production process, further reducing costs and making it simple to maintain and troubleshoot your site for years to come.

We use clean, modern standards to code the core structure of all our projects, including HTML5 – the latest iteration of the ubiquitous markup language that is the foundation of all web content; and CSS3, the most recent evolution of the Cascading Style Sheets language used to style the look of all web pages.

Actually we use SASS which makes it easy for us to make modular styling code, in turn making it easy to change the look of a website with a few variable flips – need all text on the site to have a different color? Thirty second job.

All our projects are built using a responsive design workflow, where we design the look and usability of your site around various screen sizes that your visitors are liable to use when browsing.

Mobile devices constitute about half of all web traffic generated worldwide, meaning every other visitor to your website is likely to be browsing using a smartphone or a tablet.

Responsive design makes your website look good and easy to use on every device.

To top it all off, we use rich but optimized Javascript libraries for enhanced interactivity and spiffy animations.

Regardless of whether you need AJAX powered forms and interactive elements, which do not require page refresh to update content (creating a more user friendly, faster and smoother experience) or some neat animations and effects to add that extra visual oomph to your project, JS can deliver.



Fixed price


It's elementary!


Using a powerful and flexible combination of tools, we customize existing framework templates into a beautiful and functional website that suits your needs on a budget.


Contact forms, drag&drop visual content editors, newsletter subscriptions, there are literally thousands of options available to customize your website. We do the technical stuff so you can focus on getting things done.


You give us your text and images and we make them fit and load fast.


To be seen, you need to be found. Getting to the top page of search engines is a competitive process, but we make things easier for you by making your website appetizing to search engine bots and crawlers. Nom nom nom.


Starting from


The classic experience.


The full design process. Includes up to two separate design solutions, interactive prototypes, the works.


Perfect for when you need an existing plugin enhanced with extra features, we take the greatest available and make them even better for your needs.


You give us your text and images and we make them better.


Once your website is launched, we keep an eye on it to make sure everything works as it should. We also offer long-term maintenance services to keep your site running smoothly over the years.


Starting from


The nuclear option!


You get everything included in the Hadron package, but geared up for e-commerce.


Whether you need extra features for your web-shop or a fully customized solution for your business, written from scratch, we’re game.


Training sessions can be arranged to enable your employees to use your new web platform to the fullest potential. Comprehensive, customized user manual included.


As a valued client you get both priority for maintenance schedules and discounts on our maintenance packages, saving you money in the long run.

Services & AMENITIES


In order to keep your website secure from malicious actors and running smoothly, it needs to be regularly maintained.

This includes code updates for the core platform and plugins as well as regular backups of all your data, including emails, file structure and databases.

That way if anything ever goes wrong – your data and work are secure and easily put back on track.

Hourly rate or subscription packages available.


Need customized graphics for your next project? Professional and quick logo designs that capture you at an affordable price point? Calling card or booklet designs?

We can deliver high quality, print-ready or web-ready designs in multiple formats that slot neatly into your production pipeline.

Fixed price or hourly rate available.


We use precise timing software to ensure that our clients only pay for exactly measured work.

There are no minimum hourly rates – if a job takes five minutes, you only pay for those five minutes of our time.

You also get a detailed list of all tasks performed in a billing cycle, allowing you easy insight into what we did and when.


If you decide to work with us, you get access to a secure Client Area, where you ‘ll have easy overview of all your project estimates, invoices and receipts, as well as at-a-glance statistical analysis of your expenses, a valuable tool for our long-term clients.

We maintain multiple channels for client support, including email, SMS, Skype* and phone calls**.

* appointment only
**during local working hours


In addition to on-demand hourly rate maintenance service, we also offer discounted subscription packages for businesses who are looking to save money long term. Outdated plugins and poorly maintained data are the #1 reason for web outages and data loss out there – so grab one of the packages below and rest assured that we’ll keep your code up to date and secure – and your data safely backed up.


For laid-back enterprises. No stress.
24 / month
  • Bi-Weekly security monitoring
  • Bi-Weekly database backup
  • Bi-Weekly files and emails backup
  • Bi-Weekly plugin and core updates
  • On demand tech assistance

Package Options

Please select your preferred billing cycle – and don’t worry, if you change your mind and wish to upgrade later on, you always can!

Annual billing - 10% rate discount
Semi-annual billing - 5% rate discount
Quarterly billing

Package Options

Please select your preferred billing cycle – and don’t worry, if you change your mind and wish to upgrade later on, you always can!

Annual billing - 15% rate discount
Semi-annual billing - 10% rate discount
Quarterly billing


Serious care for serious people.
109 / month
  • Extended subscription discounts
  • Realtime security monitoring
  • Realtime uptime monitoring
  • Daily database backup
  • Weekly files and emails backup
  • Weekly plugin and core updates
  • Regular website optimization
  • Site functionality testing and monitoring
  • Up to 8 hours of admin work/month
  • Priority 24/7 support

Package Options

Please select your preferred billing cycle – and don’t worry, if you change your mind and wish to upgrade later on, you always can!

Annual billing - 20% rate discount
Semi-annual billing - 15% rate discount
Quarterly billing

Below you can find detailed definitions of various services we offer as well as our standard hourly rates.

On-Demand website maintenance
Administrative services, including security auditing and monitoring, file and database backup, technical assistance, troubleshooting and debugging, installation and configuration of plugins and site cleanup.
Administrative work
Includes: technical work required for stable and smooth functioning of a website such as update management, security monitoring, SSL certificate administration, debugging of existing software components on the site, backup administration and management, email account administration and hosting and domain administration.
Content Editing & Preparation
Image optimization and text formatting - you send us raw materials and we optimize them, format them according to best industry practices and insert them into your website.