Before we begin, something to consider.

You’re not making a website for yourself – you’re making it for your visitors.

This may sound obvious, but all too often we see clients focusing on what they like; the colors, the features (we’ve even had clients explicitly refusing to make their sites responsive because they don’t use smartphones), forgetting that the primary job of a website is to drive your business or activity.
This is not to say that you shouldn’t put something of your own self into your website – after all it is also meant to represent who you are.

But it also matters who your audience is. Finding that middle ground between yourself or your business and your target audience is the cornerstone of good design.


Each website is an idea first. But while we often have very detailed images of what we want in our head, turning them into something tangible and real for other people can be a challenge. That’s why we use a tried and true process designed to facilitate precise and relevant communication between client and designer, so we know exactly what you want and you know exactly what to expect.

It all starts with anINTERVIEW

Depending on your preferences and practical circumstances, we can arrange a meeting in person, a Skype or Zoom session, or you can even fill out a detailed questionnaire included in our online inquiry form. The interview is structured in such a way that it helps you flesh out your ideas, needs and wants in a practical context. This in turn makes it possible for us to offer you a detailed and suitable project estimate.

1-2 hours
Detailed, professional estimates
and project costs breakdown
FREE initial consultation
no financial obligation
or commitment
Questions welcome!
We're here to help you make
the best decision for
your business
Easy online inquiry

Clear vision leads toGOOD DESIGN

Our goal is to create a unique, high quality design solution that best represents your business, is in tune with your target audience and is easy to use both from the frontend and backend perspective. The design process includes up to two unique design solutions which are presented to you in the form of an interactive prototype, using a platform such as InVision.
This way you can experience what the final product will look like much better than with simple image mockups, and you can also collaborate with us on the design, offering feedback if so desired.

1-2 weeks*
Rapid prototyping
using modern vector
graphic editing suites
Collaborative tools for easy
and precise
Interactive mockups for easy
pre-production project
Geek power; natural obsession
with the absolute latest web
(that actually work)

Good design leads toQUALITY PRODUCTION

This is the part where we take the approved design and get to hamerring out code. In the interest of speed, the initial coding period is done on a private developer server, but as soon as we have something to show you we move production to a shared environment where you also have access to the work in progress.
Not only does that give you a very good idea on the progress we are making, but you can also see how finished parts of the site are working for real – changes and comments are of course possible during this stage!

2-4 weeks*
#1 open-source
programming language
designed for web
Super popular CMS
used on more than
27 000 000 websites
Highly optimized scripting
libraries for slick
and eye-catching
Latest HTML5 standards
for a modern
and optimized website

And it ends withTESTING&LAUNCH

Once we are done coding your new website and you are satisfied with the finished result, we take an extra few days to make sure everything is working as it should, so you can have a smooth launch and focus on things that matter.

2-7 days*
Merciless bug
We kill them with fire.
Fine tuning - perfect
time to ask test
audiences for a test.
Cleanup and polish.
Every text checked
and every animation
Post-launch support.
We keep a close eye on
the site to ensure
everything is

*estimates may vary from project to project. Big sites can get *complicated*.